Our Journey

Our group, Identical Image, consist of my twin brother Carlos and myself (Juan) together having a Christian Urban ministry from New England, residing near Boston in Worcester Massachusetts(USA), with a calling centered on the gospel of Grace aka the Good news of God’s Unmerited Favor through Jesus finished work. Our Music can be described as, " Hiphop that's driven for a purpose". 

We have been doing ministry for over 13 years,(probably more) through our music & through dramatic tag team Grace preaching. To be honest, it is actually cool & unique. Never in a million years had we ever thought that God would give us a ministry together.  How exciting is that! We rap, make music, shoot & edit videos, & also preach together. We’re best friends being accountable to God & each other.
Our group name derives from a biblical parable titled: the Lost Silver Coin in “Luke 15.” In this parable, the woman eventually finds her lost coin (equaling to a day’s wages) & then calls her neighbors to throw a big celebration.  Yes, all this for one Lost Silver Coin. Silver in the bible signifies Redemption & it’s no coincidence that this Silver Coin had an image of a person embedded on its surface. In other words, Jesus is also saying today “Restore the image of Grace & you will restore His Identical Image of Redemption!”   

We have recently finished Our 2nd successful DREAM BIG! Concert at the New England Dreamcenter in which through our sponsors we gave away a PS4, Kindle Fire Hd tablets, blue ray players and much more!! We have also currently released a mixtape collabing with other artists called The GTF Project Mixtape. 

IDENTICAL IMAGE just released a new music video titled, "Grace is the Gospel"which is now available to be viewed on our main page. 

Our Hope & our prayer is that our music and ministry leave a powerful imprint in you. So Stay a while because they are many more things to come!